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Grateful patient stories

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The Grateful Patient Program provides an opportunity for you, your family and friends to honor and say "Thank You" to the physicians, caregivers or staff members who made an impact on your care at Oswego Health. To learn more about the Grateful Patient Program, please give us a call at 315.326.3519 or email us at and share your story.

You can simply tell us your story online too!

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"People should support Oswego Health because it’s a growing healthcare facility committed to quality and excellence. Patients and families will see the results of charitable donations and build trust for doctors and staff. The economic growth and development of Oswego Health directly affects our community in a positive way with numerous benefits for everyone. Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference."
Jerry Stanard
"We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Kevin Leroy, NP, for the care Nora Smith received. The heartbreaking outcome was not what any of us hoped for, but the attention and care we received by Kevin Leroy, NP, and the rest of the staff on the ICU and the 3rd floor were wonderful. Our extreme sadness is slightly lifted by knowing that she was surrounded by caring individuals working hard to take care of her. Kevin's medical care, family communication, and genuine compassion for his patient was greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kevin, for doing all that you could."
—Nora Smith's Family
"In April of 2020, at the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, I experienced a medical emergency. Both Drs. Morgan and Stephens expedited my initial evaluation in their office and at Oswego Hospital. Through their thorough, prompt and professional care, I received a quick diagnosis, and an even quicker course of treatment, resulting in an emergency gallbladder surgery. Thanks, and appreciation here to Dr. Tull and the nursing staff in the surgery unit, including Jen Dowdle and Gaye Cooper, and their colleagues whose names I did not get.

"In June of 2020, I contracted a severe abdominal infection, which once again was promptly evaluated and diagnosed by Drs. Morgan and Stephens, and the Oswego Hospital lab and imaging departments, resulting in immediate treatment, resolution, and recovery from this issue.

"Over the years, there have also been several occasions where my wife and children have been patients of Drs. Morgan and Stephens, and Oswego Hospital. I can state without equivocation, that their treatments have been prompt, thorough, and professional in every instance.

"I consider myself very lucky to live in a community with a high level of medical professionals such as Drs. Morgan and Stephens and their family health practice, as well as the doctors and nurses at Oswego Hospital. I will always be grateful for the excellent medical care my family and I have received from Oswego Health."
—Brian J. Haessig