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Stories of giving

Oswego Health Foundation
110 W. 6th St.
Oswego, NY 13126
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As a nonprofit community healthcare system, we count on additional support from generous donors to help us deliver the outstanding medical care our patients deserve.

Please meet our patients, families, employees and friends to learn why they support Oswego Health.

Why we care

It's easy to want to "give back" when what is experienced and felt is: genuine concern, kindness, compassion and care. When people are treated with care, listened to, guided gently, and delicately especially in situations like these, it's easy for families to feel nothing but gratitude and appreciation. We had a wonderful experience at Oswego Hospital during the last several weeks of Irene Smith's life. Irene went to Oswego Hospital in November of 2016, due to a fall. We had no idea ​​that she would never come home. No person really knows what’s ahead of them; especially at the age of 89. The few weeks that Irene was there, the staff and team were incredibly kind, caring and supportive. You can imagine the feelings, thoughts and emotions that go through someone’s mind during these weeks. Once moved to The Serenity Room, things only intensified with concern, kindness, compassion and care. We surrounded Irene with love each and every day; each and every night up until it was her time. At such a vulnerable time, the team and family at Oswego Hospital was so caring and that is what we remember.​ We remember the ability to have a private, sacred space to bond, share, laugh, learn, sing and grieve. There are moments like ours, where there is so much appreciation and gratitude for taking care of someone who is loved and cared about so much, that the desire to give is great. Having the ability to honor such a beautiful person's life in a place where she was cared for with such compassion simply feels important and right.
Ed & Emily Alberts​

Richard S. Shineman Foundation gives


My relationship with Oswego Health started in July 1960 when I was born at Oswego Hospital! They've been there for me for a long time you could say. Oswego Health is one of the most important institutions in Oswego County. We do business in a lot of small communities across Upstate NY and elsewhere, and a lot of these smaller communities have lost their healthcare support, including hospitals, clinics, surgical centers and physician practices. Oswego County is extremely fortunate to have Oswego Health and the strength and vibrancy of that institution—and it truly is a very good health system that offers a tremendous breadth and variety and depth of general and specific health services. I believe the County is really fortunate to have such an important institution in Oswego.
Mark Tryniski
We support Oswego Health because as a physician practicing and living in our community I know how essential Oswego Health is to the health and well-being of my patients. We are happy to support Oswego Health and understand that our gift makes a difference.
Pam & Mike Stephens
As physicians in the community, we realize how important our gifts are to Oswego Health. Our financial support makes a difference and helps our entire community. Access to high-quality healthcare close to home is important. We believe in Oswego Health and believe in giving back to our community.
Drs. Melanie & Nick Groch

Recent support

It is so important to maintain access to local healthcare. The people within the organization inspire my giving. Everyone who steps into an Oswego Health facility receives the same exceptional care. Large regional healthcare facilities do not provide the same personalized care as doctors, nurses and staff who live in the community. I make my gift monthly using my credit card because it makes giving so easy. It just happens each month without the need for me to remember to do anything. My support to Oswego Health is just included as part of my monthly budget. It makes supporting such an incredible organization so easy.
Mark Slayton
Oswego Health System and Foundation Board Member

Do you have a story or a reason you've supported Oswego Health? We'd love to hear! Email us at